Tribute to Nurit Shilo-Cohen


With heavy hearts we announce the passing of Nurit Shilo-Cohen on 30th October.
As former board member and CMA judge she was an avid supporter of our network and will be greatly missed among the Hands On! family.

‘When I first met Nurit, I was only recently joined the children’s museum scene. In the meantime, almost 20 years have passed during which I was able to get to know Nurit Shilo-Cohen as a woman who was always curious , had a keen eye on the international children’s museum scene and contributed lots of innovative ideas.
Her lectures and statements were always inspiring and she was never tired of discussing and expressing her point of view in order to achieve the best for children. Hands On International will always keep her in honorable memory.
My condolences and deepest sympathy go out to the mourning family.’

– Jörg Ehtreiber Hands On! president


‘As the chief curator and director of the Ruth Youth Wing she always felt a strong commitment to children’s museums and their potential for fostering children’s creativity. […]
Whoever had the opportunity and pleasure to work closely with Nurit on the improvement of the quality of (children’s) museums, will keep in mind her profound knowledge of art and art education, her dedication improving learning methods, her sharp thinking, her deep passion and her great enthusiasm for the profession.

Adieu, dear friend and collegue. You will be missed by so many who felt inspired by talking and working with you. You gifted the world of children‘s museums with your expertise and moved us all forward.[…]’

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-Petra Zwaka, Claudia Haas, Annemies Broekgaarden

‚She was a force of nature, did much for our sector, and will be missed.’

-Leigh-Anne Stradeski


‘She was so mischievous and wise in equal measure. Totally unafraid to speak her mind, no matter who she might have offended. A brave and deeply talented woman. And really good fun.’

-Veronica Sekules