Touring exhibitions by Emotions Museums


 Looking for children’s exhibitions about emotions ?

The Emotions Museum in Greece is a unique interactive museum about emotions!
It uses interactive exhibitions, play and fairy tales, in order to encourage children and teenagers to explore their emotional world, to learn more about themselves and others. Moreover, it sensitizes adults, parents and teachers on subjects which deal with the children’s emotional development and socialization.

The Emotions Museum rents or sells its previous interactive exhibitions to museums for children in other countries of the world. Ιn its attempt to spread its philosophy all over the world it can also help in the creation of new Emotions Museums in other countries, in order to help even more children to learn more about themselves and their inner world of emotions!

Currently, two interactive exhibitions are still available:

  1.  “Who Am I?” aims to inspire children’s self-knowledge, for more information click here.
  2. “Hello Mr. Fear!” aims to the various fears of children and how to “live” with them as well as possible, for more information click here.


For more information contact them directly:

Contact person: Irene Sofianopoulou


Telephone: 0030 210 9218329 (Tus–Fri 10:00–14:00)