Summary Report: Children in Museums HUB



Imagining the future vision for 21st Century children in museums and marketing it


11., 18., 25. November & 9. December 2pm-5pm (14:00-17:00) CEST

The children in museums HUB training series is part of our Creative Europe co-fundedongoing 21st Century Children project.

The over-all objective of this project is to showcase and to tackle the potential of the unique quality and character of children-oriented museums for benefiting society as future-oriented, 21st Century learning spots.

Actions of the project:

  • Unite stake holders of the field to create a global mission & quality standards
  • Create a global brand and marketing tools for the sector
  • Map the sector and provide capacity building tools and content for professional development

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In times of crisis, the crucial decisions for forming the future are made.

Will children-centred museums be part of this future? Time to ensure it is now!

Are we still living up to our mission? Are we still able to play our role in society? Are we still able to communicate and be relevant? Are we still social hubs for the future of a democratic culture?

Together with our 21stCH project partners, Hands On! International Association of Children in Museums is currently developing the first global mission and quality standards for children-centred museum and science communication work.

To tailor the global vision and quality standards to the needs of the field, we invited representatives of children-focused museum work from all over the world via an open call to participate in the process.

Throughout 4 interactive online sessions with participants from 12 countries, led by international marketing and branding expert Tomáš Hrivnák, we explored the USP and potential of children-centred museum work and science communication.

  • Discovering and testing tools to market organisations as educational experts
  • Providing expert & peer-feedback
  • Exploring core qualities of the sector and co-creating a global mission
  • All participating organisations were invited to become a certified pilot organisation for high-quality 21st century learning



Bosnia Herzegovina – National Art Gallery of Bosnia
Czech Republic – Sladovna Pisek
Egypt- Grand Egyptian Museum
France- Centre des monuments
Germany – Junges Museum Frankfurt
Germany – Mobile Music Museum
Greece- Exploration Children’s Museum
Italy – Children’s museum start-up
Jordan – Children’s Museum Jordan
Lithuania- Žaislų muziejus / Toy museum
Portugal – Children’s Museum Jardim Zoológico de Lisbon
Slovakia – Slovak National Gallery
The Netherlands – Eye Film Museum



SESSION 1: 11. November 2020

Who are children-centred museums in society now?

Covid-19 driven examination of value proposition and audience relationship of children-centred museums.

Guided panel and group work. Creating a business canvas for children-centred organisations.

  • Introduction to 21stCH project
  • Participants’ introductions
  • Guided discussion: Role in society and core qualities of the sector
  • Business canvas introduction

read provided text on branding


SESSION 2: 18. November 2020

Positioning workshop

How to position organisations as meaningful education resources and social hubs for families, schools, and other children-centred communities?

It is important to articulate clearly and well, who we are and are we in the society for – so we can play a meaningful role in the society. The process is called “positioning” in the marketing language. We will use different techniques, such as archetypical articulation and creating an onlyness statement.


  • Recap business canvas model
  • Introduction branding archetypes
  • Group work business canvas for ideal children-focused museum
  • Presentation of group work and archetypes & introduction onlyness statement



SESSION 3: 25 November 2020

Positioning workshop II.

How to position children’s museums as meaningful education resources and social hubs for families, schools, and other children-centred communities?

Second part of the positioning workshop, which discusses the participants’ identity expressions and communication strategies.


  • Presenting top 3 of most chosen branding archetypes in the group works
  • Introducing Design thinking loop
  • Group work: combining business canvas and archetype using one concrete organisation
  • Presentations of group works and discussions



finish-off/create one final business canvas per group & archetype



SESSION 4: 9. December 2020

Quality indicators for children-centred museum work

Hands On! currently develops an international label of quality which can help children-centred museum organisations to measure, articulate, uplift and communicate their quality as community learning hub and resource for the future. How does it best serve you? Let’s co-create!


  • Wrap-up business canvas group works
  • Group work Creating a general business canvas draft for the sector and thereby identifying common qualities
  • Identifying general needs for the label
  • Next steps & closing




  • The Project consortium develops the visual, textual identity of the label and its tools and HUB participants will be asked for feedback.
  • The participants are the organisations to pilot the use of label of commitment and give feedback to HO!


Thanks to everyone contributing to this training series