Report: Reopening hands-on museums


Good news everyone,
The final summary report of our recent survey is now available for download.
For our members an extended version featuring first-hand quotes and best practice examples by survey participants is available in our member zone (subpage: post-pandemic museum)

The report is focused on providing data on operations and programming in relation to reopening and short to mid-term strategies of interactive museum work.

Despite the quick reaction of many governments and museum associations, there is a striking absence of distinct strategies and acknowledgment for interactive and children-centred museums and the specific needs of family audiences.
To better understand current challenges and opportunities we aim to document and analyse the impact of the pandemic on children-focused museum work and collect reopening strategies for safe hands-on environments.


By sharing first-hand experiences and most recent data, we hope to help ensure the endurance of play-based culture interpretation and learning.


The findings of this report and survey will be included into the outcomes of our ongoing EU-Creative Europe -funded 21st Century Children project, which highlights the potential of museums as pioneers for 21st Century education.

Many  thanks to  all  contributing  organisations and individuals  for  their valuable input!