Project Duration: 01/03/2021-01/03/2023

The Storifying An Augmented Future For Museums is focusing on developing training materials and resources for museum professionals, educators and artists interested in applying AR tools in connection with storytelling.

MuseumAR aims to:

  • Introduce adult educators and museum professionals to the potential of AR as a storytelling tool and help them develop the capacity to train professionals and young graduates in utilizing it
  •  Build synergies between education and culture facilitated by new technologies 
  • build capacity in museum employees and young graduates to collaborate with technology experts in a manner that will revamp the way these institutions operate and engage their visitors 

How will MuseumAR succeed?

  • By developing augmented Reality and Learning in Museums Curriculum and Training Material
  • By developing a Digital Booklet with Augment Reality Stories
  • By developing MOOC for promoting digital cultural heritage

MuseumAR Activities:

Design and develop a storytelling AR experience

 MuseumAR will design and develop among others a storytelling AR experience that can be tested and emulated by museums across the EU as well as learning material that can be utilized by museums and adult learning institutions to train their staff as well as young professionals interested in pursuing a career in the sector. Said learning material will support them in developing the knowledge and skills to both create and AR storytelling applications in museums. AR combines real and virtual worlds, supplementing the real world with computer-generated virtual objects in real-time.

Introducing AR technology

By introducing AR technology in their workings, museums can provide a richer and more engaging experience to their visitors, especially those of younger age. Introducing AR storytelling will allow them to connect with their guests and offer them a unique experience that transcends them through the stories and different perspectives illuminated by their
artefacts. Thus, such a step will help museums to revolutionize the experience they offer and open up new prospects both for them as institutions and as a sector as a whole. A unique opportunity lies before them as the use of AR has become more accessible as it no longer requires specialised equipment and may easily be used on mobile devices.