Interactive book featuring children’s questions

This beautiful project was initiated by Klaus-Tschira Stiftung, and led and implemented by FRida & freD children`s museum Graz & Dorling Kindersley publishing house.


To ensure the content is relatable and relevant for today`s children, real children from all over the world were invited to contribute their personal future-related questions and thoughts.
As an international network, Hands On! reached out and coordinated the call for contributions to make sure children are heard.



Are we going to get around in flying cars? What will humans eat in the future? Do we find other planets where humans can live?
50 burning children’s questions from 20 countries about future life on earth are featured in this book.
Easy-to-understand texts explain the scientific and social contexts, and children are encouraged to explore the answers to these fundamental questions through science experiments and hands-on activities.

Whether nature, family, leisure, mobility, artificial intelligence or work – all of these aspects concern children when they think about the future of the earth.
This children’s non-fiction book gathers all the personal dreams, hopes, concerns and expectations of curious minds between 8 and 12 years from all over the world.



• Colorful illustrations & comprehensible texts which introduce children to the topics in an entertaining way

• Exciting experiments encouraging self-exploration of the questions raised.

• Creative hands-on activities which ensure a playful experience and help to foster indepth-learning.



ISBN 978-3-8310-4070-4
Release: October 2020
Language: German

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