Duration: September 2019-February 2022

The over-all objective of this project is to showcase and to tackle the potential of the unique quality and character of (European) children-oriented museums for benefiting society as future-oriented, 21st Century learning spots , in order to:
  • support their sustainability
  • support them in adaptation of their abilities and capacities to match the recently appearing challenges.
  • highlighting museums engaging children to a broad audience
  • ¬†create well-grounded resources and guidelines for children-centred museums -related expertise in Europe



The aim of showcasing the unique quality of children-centred museums as education pioneers for 21st century children will be reached by:
  • Creating a shared vision and mission for organisations dedicated to serve as future-oriented learning spots for children
  • Establishing a catalogue of universal quality standards and criteria for children-centred museum work
  • Creating Label to showcase organisations meeting the set quality standards
  • International Marketing Campaign to highlight the sector’s assets to a wider public
  • Training and Networking Sessions specifically dedicated to the topics of capacity building and the future role of the sector on children’s education
  • Sector evaluation of children-oriented museum organisation, made available as publication
  • Best practice analysis, made available as publication
  • Practical guide book for children-oriented museum start-ups, made available as publication
  • Travel & Learn Website mapping children-centred museums



This project is generously co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. This scheme is a great way to fund diverse cultural projects in cooperation with international partners. Learn more



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