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The concept of the „Gallery to play“ is the most important part of the Písek Sladovna programme.

Exhibits and programmes of the Gallery to play are primarily designed for children and „their“ adults where children meet art and art meets children. However, the works of art are purposefully open to direct interaction with visitors, so that children and adults alike can touch everything, get inside art installations, play with their framework and sometimes even enter the stories and experience them. Just like entering a computer game: in the Gallery to play you can enter a story and play in the real world, together with others, again, here and now.

We believe that „play – here and now – together with real children and adults“ is the basic and most natural quality that our children need to acquire in today’s world of endless possibilities of the virtual reality. And that’s what the Gallery to play offers: creating a new experience every single time you come visit us to play and to learn, no matter how old your children are.

Every year, we prepare about three large interactive exhibits that are either connected to the world of children’s books or to one of the topics we believe are important in our world. In addition, we offer a beautiful and inspirational play area for the littlest (Pilařiště), two exhibits dedicated to children’s book illustrations and a lot of space for single events, workshops or just to be.

The new worlds exploring

Exposures with stories and experiences