Meet Nina Lim-Yuson


ninalumyusonNina Lim-Yuson is the President and CEO of Museo Pambata (museum for children) in Manila, Philippines. Museo Pambata has a strong educational component reaching marginalized children. In 2008 and 2012 Museo Pambata organized two Asian Children’s Museum Conferences in Manila.

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What is your favorite museum/science center and why?

I was so impressed with the museums in Amsterdam at the first Hands On! Conference in 1996. These were the Tropenmuseum and the Rotterdam museum (which I heard is no longer around). I found them highly artistic and engaging the visitors. They dealt with the everyday life of a culture in a fun, interactive way. I enjoyed the learning experience.

Best exhibition ever?

I think the Children’s special exhibit on Matisse at the Centre Pompidou in Paris was one of the more creative ways to introduce this colorful artist to kids. Museums like this should have a children’s section. This is the only way to engage the youngest visitors.

Why should we come and listen to your lecture at the conference?

Get to know what’s happening in the Philippines – how Museo Pambata addresses the marginalized sector and how our various programs encourage children in this sector to enjoy learning. For example, hear about how we engage high school kids to mentor poor kids in various arts, culminating in an Interactive Arts Festival. Find out where we got the funds, how these activities promote the museum and a different ways of learning. We’ll discuss why our kids need such stimulating and encouraging programs.

What is the greatest challenge for museums/science centers working with children in the future?

The greatest challenge for museums is sustainability on our part. How can we convince various publics that museums have a positive impact on children’s lives? We need to speak out on this.

What is the greatest opportunity for museums/science centers working with children in the future?

I’d like the government to fully support children’s museums so that museums can be part of the total development in a child’s life. I’d like our museum to keep creating new learning opportunities, free from financial concerns.