Link to the future


One of the lessons we take away from the conference in Amsterdam is to focus on the future. Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde argued that museums can increase their societal relevance by looking to the future, not the past. Roosegaarde believes we should stop making excuses and “look for the missing links”. Gail Lord, president of Lord Cultural Resources, discussed the soft power that museums can use to shape today and tomorrow’s society by engaging children. Professor Yong Zhao calls for changes in the education system, enabling young people to become independant.

There is no doubt that museums can do a lot to shape our common future through working with children. By providing them with inspiring and democratic environments for their development and education we can enable them to meet the big questions of today’s and future world. There is a huge soft power in our hands. Let’s use it and let’s use in in a good way!