La Le Luftschloss in Graz Children’s Museum


La Le Luftschloss (La-Le- A Castle In The Air)

An „airy“ hands on exhibition for children ages 3 to 7 years!

Beware whirlwinds, there’s something in the air …

Air is almost everywhere, but can you build a castle out of air? Let’s try and take a deep breath! Lose yourself in an air maze! Discover amazing creatures in the clouds and blow off so many candles on a cake like you have never done before! Experience first-hand what happens to your face when you get into a storm. Can you see and hear air? Explore the FRida & freD castle in the air! Instead of staring holes into the air, bring in fresh air and jump into the wondrous world of air!

An exhibition by the Graz Children’s Museum Frida & freD with objects provided by the Science Center Phaeno Wolfsburg.

What: Exhibition for children ages 3-7.

When: Opening March 21st 2015

Where: Graz Children’s Museum Frida & freD, Austria