Hands On! Conference 2021


Online Conference, 9-12 November: Hands On – Into the future

Hands On! Conference 2021


Welcome to our first online conference!

Hands On! is an international network of museum professionals. We aim to make all museums and science centres meaningful places for children, to professionalize the (children’s) museum field, and to share our expertise. Every two years, we organize an international conference at which we explore the latest developments in the field of children’s education in museums, children’s museums, and science centres. We aim to learn from and be inspired by keynote speakers, workshops, and exclusive museum visits. Don’t miss this chance to meet participants from over 30 nations and exchange ideas with professionals and experts from all over the world!

The 13th HO! conference will be hosted by the FRida & FreD Children’s Museum in Graz and the ZOOM Children’s Museum in Vienna together with HO!. The conference will be exclusively held online, due to specific circumstances. However, HO! members and interested parties, from all areas of varied museums work, will have the continued possibility, as in a previous manner, to exchange ideas.

As part of our strategic Creative Europe EU-Project 21st Century Children, together with organisations from all over the world, we have formulated a vision of the future for our sector over the past year. This year’s conference is dedicated solely to the topic of the future. What is the role of the children in museums sector in the future? Which methods and topics will be tackled? What does this change mean for our organisation?

Experience four exciting days, including a 3-day workshop program, inspiring keynote sessions, discussion groups, panels, amazing HO! Circus and the Children in Museums Award Ceremony 2021. This year we are offering our participants a unique opportunity. In our parallel working groups and over three days, participants can work in their group on our conference focus topics and create new ideas together. We are daring to try a new way of experiencing social togetherness online.

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