Keynote speaker: Gail Lord



Gail Lord is co-founder and co-president with Barry Lord of Lord Cultural Resources, the world’s leading cultural planning firm focused on museums, cultural districts and the creative economy. Lord has shared her knowledge by co-authoring with Barry Lord five museum planning manuals. Her latest book is “Cities, Museums and Soft Power”. In 2014, Lord was appointed Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters by the Minister of Culture of France.

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Keynote speech: Touch and Learn: The Soft Power of Museums 

The lives of children in cities is important but too often overlooked. Increasingly museums of all types are engaging with children both as museum subjects and as museum participants, thereby enhancing their quality of life, their self confidence and their “soft power” or influence. In this keynote, Gail Lord will explore how museums provide learning environments for children, learn from children and develop tools for critical thinking.