Free Corona Vaccine Guide for Children!


A curious guide for courageous kids

After the international  success of the Coronavirus Guide for Children, comes the highly anticipated sequel: The Vaccine Guide!

When lockdowns started world-wide in March 2020, we teamed up with the Italian children’s museums to share their free downloadable corona virus guide for children world-wide. Through a peer translating call, we found dedicated volunteers who helped us translate the guide to over 30 languages and share it with children, parents & caregivers all over the world.

We are still humbled by the amazing feedback and the opportunity to share this useful resource world-wide.

Now, the national association of Italian children’s museums have created another wonderful resource for children on vaccines.

Feel free to share this guide with other cultural & social organisations, schools and families!

This guide is currently available in Italian/English and German.

If you are interested to translate the guide to your language, contact: or