Session 3: Inclusion through design & participation

How can cultural institutions make sure their inclusion strategy is actually inclusive?
Target group-centred design processes and offsite projects can do the trick. Including visitors in the developing phase offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and new perspectives.  Outreach projects additionally help to engage communities beyond an institution’s normal visitor range.  Learn how co-creation and community-engaging programs have influenced the projects of our speakers.



Laurent Carrier
Toboggan Design Inc.| CANADA



Joanne Drum
National Gallery of Ireland| IRELAND

Lisa Leblanc
Canada Science and Technology Museum| CANADA


Nathalie Rheault
Canadian Children’s Museum at the Canadian Museum of History | CANADA

Hanneke Kempen
Maritime Museum Rotterdam |THE NETHERLANDS


Marianna Karttunen
Museum of Technology |FINLAND

Hanne Marckmann
Maritime Museum Rotterdam |THE NETHERLANDS


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