Session 2: Approaching special needs audiences

Physical accessibility is without a doubt a pursuit that is taken seriously by the vast majority of today’s cultural institutions. However, studies show that immaterial barriers such as patronizing behaviors, misconceptions, and stereotyping are still experienced by most groups of special needs visitors. In this dynamic session, speakers will share their best practice examples on how to overcome disabling settings in order to offer barrier-free programs and exhibitions.



Yolanda van den Berg
Centraal Museum / Miffy Museum |THE NETHERLANDS


Pernille Mølgaard Andersen
Den Gamle By |DENMARK

Anki van Dassen
Den Gamle By |DENMARK



Marianne Bager
Den Gamle By |DENMARK

Olaf Peters
Dutch Open Air Museum |THE NETHERLANDS


Caomhán Mac Con Iomaire
National Gallery of Ireland| IRELAND

Jožica Trateški
Museum of Recent History Celje |SLOVENIA


Michael Hansen
SMK Danish National Gallery |DENMARK