Keynote 1: Museums for all: Realising cultural participation

Daniela Krenzer, advisor on anti-discrimination, Children’s Office Frankfurt (Germany)

As part of our 21st Century Children project, which is generously funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, we want to evaluate our sector and explore shared characteristics of children’s museums. The aim is to pass this knowledge on to the community in order to help them to develop sustainable initiatives. This session is designed as a training session for (children’s)museum professionals and policy makers alike.

Frankfurt is one of Germany’s most diverse cities, and as such reflects the diversity of children all over the world. Many children here are members of minority groups; some children are from rich families, but many grow up in poverty. Most of these children do not face health issues, but there are some who do. What are their needs, their individual challenges, their wishes?

Drawing on local and global studies, the speaker provides data on key aspects of children’s lives in Frankfurt and all over the world and presents the issues that many children consider relevant to their lives. She examines which of these issues might be shared among children from different backgrounds, and which might be specific to certain socio-economic factors.
In her outlook for the future, the speaker combines this information with her institution’s experience as a local lobbyist for children to suggest ways in which cultural institutions can engage with, support and encourage children in their area.




Daniela Krenzer studied ethnology and Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies in Cologne and Edinburgh. In 2018, she joined the Frankfurt Children’s Office, a municipal department focused on improving the quality of life of children in Frankfurt. Basing their work on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Children’s Office organises projects and campaigns, provides information and serves as a contact point for parents and others involved in taking care of children.
Ms Krenzer focuses on anti-discrimination, human rights education and diversity.



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