Hands On! Conference, 11-14 October 2017, Czech Republic


250 participants in the heart of Europe!

In 2017 Hands On! presented a unique travelling conference. From 11-14 October, we discovered the latest developments in children’s education in museums and science centers while exploring three historical cities in the Czech Republic. 

Hosted by Sladovna Gallery we started our journey in Pilsen, spent a day in Pisek and ended the conference in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Our theme was: 

Future in Children’s Hands

Informal Education as a Tool for Social Change

We focused on the importance of informal education in the 21st century, exploring subjects such as the impact of digital technology, child development through art, storytelling and play, and the future of museums as places of social engagement. 


Conference impressions

Conference recap



The conference was hosted by Sladovna Gallery in Pisek. Sladovna connects the present with tradition, art with everyday life, and the city of Pisek with the world through stories, images and play.