Call: Shortclip Children in Museums


Children in Museums – Light, Camera, Action!

For the 12th edition of the international Hands On! Conference, hosted this October by the Young Museum Frankfurt in Germany, we are looking for your insights into children’s ideas on museums. For a short film we ask you to interview your young visitors:

“Tell us three things children can do in a museum –and three things you would like to do!”

The final short film will be comprised of ideas and commentaries by children from all over the world. The film will be published on social media as well as during the conference and will be made available to partaking Institution.


How to participate

Deadline                 September 15th 2019

Please let us know in advance whether you are planning to send in a contribution for our film. Please mail the final content to until September 15th 2019.

Setting                    Please have the children stand in front of their favourite exhibit

Medium                  short film (English version or transcript) or pictures

Language                English, if not possible please provide English translation for subtitles

Duration                 20 to 60 seconds max!

Format                    film: .mp4 or .mov, at least 720p, landscape format, max. 300 MB pictures: .jpeg

You can use your mobile phone for filming!


Download Call & Submission Form