The first winner of the Children in Museums Award, in 2012, was the Tropenmuseum Junior (Amsterdam; Holland).

HRH Princess Sibilla of Luxemburg presented the Award to director Mariëlle Pals in the Salla della Cultura at the new Museum of History of Bologna The ceremony was organized in co-operation with the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, and with the support of the Carisbo Bank Foundation – Genus Bononiae. At the time, the Award was still called the Children’s Museum Award.

‘Model to be followed’
According to the jury, ‘The Tropenmuseum Junior exceeds the other candidates because of its high degree of creativity and effectiveness in the design of its programmes. For years the museum’s working method has been a model to be followed by many other museums and museum professionals worldwide who are interested in allowing their museum to meet the visitor and to make them feel part of the exhibition, making their visit an enjoyable and rewarding experience.’ Visit Tropenmuseum Junior online

2012 CMA Judges’ Report

HRH Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg and Mariëlle Pals

HRH Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg and Mariëlle Pal