The winner of the 2014 Children in Museums Award was The National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst).

High quality
The jury was unanimous in praising the in-depth and high quality presentation, materials and programmes for children, which they considered unique for an art museum. The judges said: ‘Marianne Grymer Bargeman’s thorough work, knowledge, experience and conviction has raised awareness of children as a museum target group. Children are taken seriously by curators and director, and ideas from the children’s presentation are adapted in the main museum.’

‘Original approach’
‘Complex subjects, well researched, are made accessible to children and offer a unique, surprising and stimulating environment based on the idea of freedom of thought and an original approach. The combination of workshop spaces, exhibition area and drawing room is a unique idea.’

Educational Tools
 The jury also highlighted the way the children’s exhibition connects children and parents to the museum using educational tools, as well as commenting on the importance of documentation of the exhibitions and their evaluation in co-operation with external scholars. Visit the Statens Museum for Kunst online!