21st Century Children Industry report & brainstorming

Good news everyone,
As part of our 21st century children project which is generously supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, we are launching our children in museums industry evaluation during this conference.
Throughout the conference participants will help us map and evaluate our sector in order to brand museums as places for early learning!
  • Operational Enquiry: 22-26.October. Online version available here
  • 21st century brainstorming: 22-26 October
  • Workshop criteria of quality of children-focused museum work: 25 October 1-5pm
  • Training sessions: Children Museums of the 21st Century,World CafĂ© & dedicated keynotes. view full conference programme and join us via livestream!
  • Children in Museums Award ceremony to showcase and honor best practice examples to political stakeholders and a wider public.