Hands On! Conference, 22-26 October 2019 Frankfurt


Welcome to Germany!

The 12th edition of our biennial conference takes us to Frankfurt.

Museum projects for children are avant-garde! The natural ability of children to be curious and full of wonder is the center and benchmark of all museum-related children’s programs. This special framework fosters the development and testing of new methods. It is an environment of experimenting with exhibitions and themes, constantly thriving to reinvent modes of informal education and the impartment of cultural knowledge. Moments of amazement and surprise are used as triggers for individual learning. Contemporary children’s programs are innovative conglomerates of light-bulb instances, learning opportunities, stimulating challenges and feel-good moments.

Children’s exhibition makers and educators are bound to be especially flexible and sensitive to the changing needs and demands of their target group and their immediate communities. As we serve a very delicate and diverse audience in a highly complex industry, we are obliged to deal with unforeseen events on a regular basis. From innovative exhibitions to controversial projects, funding gaps and collapsing project schedules– Expect the unexpected!



This is YOUR conference – help us make the program even better by contributing your expertise. Speak, lead a workshop, present your project, or let us know, if you know interesting individuals or projects, which could be of value for us all.

Get ready – the call for papers will open in autumn 2018

  • You developed an innovative concept for an interactive exhibition?
  • Your project is new hybrid exhibition format, using workshop, makerspace or theater elements?
  • Your team created a new approach for cultural or transcultural education?
  • What are your innovative financing ideas? Tell us about your low-budget projects
  • How do you react when visitors act different than expected?
  • How do you incorporate cultural identity and transcultural aspects in your work and projects?
  • You work with contemporary artists, transmedia formats or gamification?

Share YOUR ideas, concepts and experiences!

More details on how to become part of our conference program will be released this autumn.



The conference is hosted by Junges Museum Frankfurt. First opened in 1972 as the in-house children’s museum of the Historical Museum , it is home to a unique pedagogical collection. In 2018 Junges Museum received a total make-over, including new exhibition spaces, workshop areas and authentic historical play areas. Their programs revolve around regional historical and cultural topics and encourage independent thinking and autonomous learning in an hands-on environment.