Programme, 11-14 October 2017

Oct 10 Arrival Registration

Oct 11

Technology and Humanity

We will kick off in Pilsen, a vibrant, up-and-coming city that is transforming it’s industrial heritage to benefit more subtle forms of creativity. We’ll discuss the impact of digital technology on children, and Europe’s cultural heritage of humanism. 

Visit Techmania Science Center, housed in a former locomotive factory, and one of the largest and oldest museums in the Czech Republic – the West Bohemia Museum.

Lecture: Neurology Professor Martin Jan Strasky discusses the development of children’s brains in the 21st century. 

Lecture: Architect Oldrich Hozman explores the educational legacy of 17th century Czech humanist Jan Amos Commenius, and outlines how to create play environments that activate all the senses.

Are you a maker? Do visitors at your museum get creative and use their hands? Share your practical knowledge with colleagues at DEPO maker space. Email before July 31st for more information.


Oct 12

Art, storytelling and play as tools for social and personal development Day 2 brings us to Pisek, a charming town with a long history of gold-mining. We’ll explore how to nourish imagination, creativity, confidence, empathy and a sense of justice in children.  

Visit Sladovna, Gallery to play, the leading art center for children in the Czech Republic. Sladovna is housed in a former malt house, and today focuses on storytelling and children’s book culture, but also features a huge Anthill labyrinth and a creative lab.

Lecture: Hear from theatre director Davide Venturini about his recent experiment in immersive storytelling with an interactive installation crossover inspired by Astrid Lindgren’s Brothers Lionheart.


Oct 13

The future of museums as places of social engagement On day 3, join us in Prague: the “city of a hundred spires.” Where better to ponder the future of museums as places of social engagement than under Ai Wei Wei’s huge installation “The Law of the Journey” at the National Gallery in Prague

Lecture: Hear from social entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow, and Global Fellow of the World Economic Forum Andreas Heinecke about his world-famous “Dialogue in the Dark” project and his vision for museums in the 21st century.

Market Place of Ideas! Present your solutions, exhibitions and ideas related to children’s education in museums at our market place. FREE for non-profit participants. Email before July 31st for more information.


Oct 14

Departure This day is dedicated to your personal discoveries, reflections and experience.