Future in Children’s Hands

Informal Education as a Tool for Social Change

Do you want to explore and share ideas with like-minded colleagues? Then join us at our conference in the heart of Europe!

Join us 11-14 October 2017 at the 11th Hands On! Conference in the Czech Republic

A fantastic experience on our travelling conference awaits you this year.  Hosted by Sladovna Gallery we will start our journey in Pilsen, spend a day in Pisek and end the conference in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Don’t miss this chance to visit these welcoming and multicultural cities.

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This conference will focus on the importance of informal education and hands-on principles in the 21st century. Together, we will explore similarities and divergences between so-called Eastern and Western European approaches and dive into pedagogical, psychological and cultural aspects of informal education.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe and a gateway between East and West. It is also the birthplace of Johannes Amos Comenius, the 17th century pedagogue who laid the foundation for the hands-on approach in European education with his idea of schola ludus. His masterpiece Orbis Pictus presented a teaching methodology that links pedagogy and philosophy. During the conference we will follow Comenius’ trail through historical and contemporary educational approaches across the world.

Johan Amos Comenius

Johan Amos Comenius


The 11th Hands On! conference will be hosted by Sladovna Gallery in Pisek, which will also be one of the venues of the conference. The main programme concept of Sladovna Písek, o.p.s. is “The Playful Gallery”, which links the theme of book illustrations to what is crucial for the development of every child-play. Through this concept the gallery wants to connect tradition with the present, art with everyday life, the city of Písek with the world through stories, images and play. They see interaction and play as the main instruments for teaching, learning, connecting, inspiring and sharing joy of life.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the Czech Republic!





Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Pilsen, Czech Republic

West Bohemia Museum
Techmania Science Center


Pisek, Czech Republic

Sladovna Gallery



Prague, Czech Republic

The National Gallery